Cooperations & activities

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Do you need regular support in the valuation of derivative financial instruments? Our cooperation partner frontmark will be pleased to provide you with services in the areas of

  • Market conformity & revaluation (ex-post calculations)
  • PRIIPS ratios & transaction costs (end-of-day calculations)
  • Arbitrage monitoring & price analysis (intraday calculations)
  • Valuation price discovery, fair value & risk metrics (end-of-day calculations)
  • and other bespoke solutions

Comprehensive online library for machine learning in finance

Are you interested in the latest developments in machine learning for the financial services sector? Then take a look at our continuously updated online library ML in Finance. Here you will find a comprehensive collection of articles covering applications of machine learning for financial institutions and energy traders across a broad range of domains including marketing & customer relations, investing, pricing & valuation, compliance, and risk.

Open-source Machine-Learning Workbench


Please find here a list of publications in the fields of finance and AI, authored or co-authored by RIVACON staff or alumni: