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Working at RIVACON


Mission Statement


Application Process

  • Do you rather work on a challenging project than perform routine duties?
  • Do you enjoy implementing and redesigning financial IT architectures rather than preserve the status quo?
  • Do you enjoy implementing financial math in the form of a computer program rather than just describe it in words and symbols?
  • Do you prefer to systematically analyse large data sets to identify and implement quality improvements rather than searching again and again for the same errors in daily reporting?
  • Do you prefer fairness and team spirit over political maneuvering?
  • Do you prefer an environment that values the individual rather than treating everybody as a replaceable part?
  • Do you prefer to work with your colleagues rather than just alongside?

Then this is your company!

Professional excellence

Your contributions to internal projects of your choice are more important to us than maximising your billable hours at the client.

Great working environment

We know that a team can excel when we encourage professional development and personal growth.

Career at RIVACON GmbH


We support our employees with the BahnCard100 for ecologically responsible travel to the project location.

Practical experience

Regular knowledge transfers allow valuable insights into the practical challenges your colleagues face on their projects.

Geographical flexibility

If the project allows, you are welcome to complete your tasks from your home office, anywhere in Germany, wherever you live.



We will provide you with a BahnCard 100 (or BahnCard 50) 1st class depending on the project-related travel. You may also use it privately.

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club

We take over the complete fee for your membership M at the Urban Sports Club. This way you can stay active at the project location, too.



We cover childcare costs up to €1000/month. We also allow mobile working, flexible working hours, working part-time and sabbaticals.

Company Pension Plan

Company Pension Plan

You can invest part of your salary tax-free in a company pension scheme. We subsidise this within the legal framework.

Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

We provide you with access to an advantage platform with a multitude of brand offers in a wide range of product categories.



We lease a JobRad for you and pay the insurance premium. You use your dream bike for business and private purposes and save up to 40% compared to a direct purchase.

Flexible Residence

Flexible Residence

You are free to choose your place of residence within Germany. We support home office by not assigning you to a fixed location.



We enable you to take part in individual trainings with external providers. In addition, colleagues present on-going, day-to-day topics in regular meetings.

We welcome every application, from interns to experienced senior consultants!

Here you can see what to expect when applying at RIVACON:

Application process RIVACON GmbH

Your application

With us, there are no long forms that you have to fill out. A short cover letter by e-mail plus a resume including references, which can also be submitted later, is sufficient.

Our review

Human Resources sounds terrible. With us, the partners and experienced principals take the time to look at your documents thoroughly. This takes a bit of time, but you will hear back from us in about a week at the latest.

Possibly: Telephone interview (approx. 1 hour)

If external circumstances suggest it, we will conduct the first interview online. Otherwise, we prefer the personal interview.

Personal interview (approx. 1 hour)

Getting to know each other is important to us: not only are you applying to us, we are also canvassing for you. In one or two interviews you will get to know our working environment as well as future colleagues and we will learn more about your background, passions and skills.

Contract offer

You will receive feedback from us promptly, i.e. within a few days. In the best case a contract offer.

The whole process should not take longer than three to four weeks.