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Financial Engineering

Risk Modelling

Data Analytics

Machine Learning


Expertise. Experience. Passion.

We are an owner-managed consulting firm – partner of banks, asset managers, and energy utilities in quantitative and technology-driven projects in financial engineering, risk modelling, data analytics, and machine learning

We are co-founder and cooperation partner of frontmark, a fintech and technology-leader in the industrialized valuation of capital market instruments.

RIVACON - frontmark - Who we are an what we do


Our clients

Our clients actively participate in the capital and commodities markets and are regularly facing challenges related to rapidly changing and growing regulation, evolving product markets and product innovations, and fundamental changes in market regimes. We advise and support our clients in these change processes, bringing our many years of hands-on experience in trading, risk management, and technology to the table. 

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Including wholesale and investment banks

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Energy Utilities

Ranging from municipal utilities to multinational providers

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Asset Managers

Ranging from family office to global asset manager


Our services

Our core services include the valuation of financial instruments, the adaptation of market risk architectures to new regulatory requirements, and the application of modern data analytics to our clients’ needs.

Our clients value our problem-solving skills and benefit from our many years of implementation experience in functionally and technically challenging projects.

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Consulting & Implementation

From conceptual design to implementation

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Trainings & Workshops

From single-day training to many-week seminar

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Tools & Software

From Excel plug-in to valuation library